Are you living life from your essence or are you letting your limiting beliefs steal your JOY?


Bonnie McVee Coaching

Hello! I’m Bonnie! It is my passion to coach you to a strong foundation of self love that lights you up!

5 steps to empower yourself and take action in the face of fear

5 steps to empower yourself and take action in the face of fear



“I got more forward action with Bonnie than I did in 6 years of therapy.”

- Kate L.

“Bonnie called me on my embellishing stories and victim mentality, she clued in right away to my B.S. and that is just what I needed to get out of my own way!”

- Debbie S

"I met Bonnie in a networking group recently and because I've been on a journey of self improvement I decided to give her Life Coaching mini-session a try. I have to admit that I was a little reluctant to start because of the "homework" she gave me, but I soon found out that homework was one of the most important parts of our time together. We spent 3 sessions over the phone going over my Essence and Limiting Beliefs. These phone calls gave me more clarity on who I really am and why I'm sabotaging myself, than I got in many years of one on one therapy. Bonnie knows exactly the right questions to ask and because I was open and vulnerable, I was able to have many breakthroughs. I could tell that she really enjoys what she does, and we even shared a tear a couple times together. Because of the investment I made to trust Bonnie with this next step of my journey, I feel like I have all the right tools to really take off now, and I know who to go to if I hit a wall or just need a refresher in the future."

- Amy J.

“Bonnie McVee Coaching has helped me find clarity and direction in my professional and personal life at a time I really needed it. She facilitated me to identify the self-sabotage that I was using and provided me with tools to move forward in my career and personal life so that I can reach my goals, living from the essence of who I really am.  Her approach is non-judgmental, creates self-awareness and provides me with the directional foresight in order to create a more productive and joyful life.”

- Sunny

”I absolutely love working with Bonnie! She's often taken me from feeling I'm under (and sometimes full of) dark clouds, to feeling I have a bright, sunny future. She's deeply intelligent, intuitive, honest, loving, gentle but direct, and I leave every conversation with her feeling inspired, focused and positive. I highly recommend her!” 

~Spring Courtright

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